Singapore Notary Public

Common Singapore Notarial & Apostille Services

Notarial services commonly include one or more of the following:

  • Witnessing and Attesting of execution of documents for use overseas

  • Certifying true copy or original of documents

  • Legalize Company documents, eg. COI, Bizfile or MAA/Constitution

  • Notarised Bill of Sale

  • Administer Oaths or affirmation of Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

  • Apostille / Authentication by Singapore Academy of Law

  • Issuance of Notarial Certificate

  • Legalisation by SLA

  • Legalisation by Embassies

Singapore Notary Public

Engaging Singapore Notary

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Notary Public

Confused about Notarial Services? Yes, the process can be complicated.

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In general, you need to engage a Notary Public who will assist you in performing the necessary notarial acts, such as certifying true copies of documents, witnessing signatures, and attesting to true likenesses. During the process of generating the Notarial Certificate from the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) portal, the Notary Public will arrange for an Apostille to be issued by SAL.

Once the Notarial Certificate is prepared, the Notary Public will bundle the notarised document, and you or your representative will need to visit SAL to collect the Apostille. Please note that depending on your document’s destination country, further legalization may be required at the relevant Embassy in Singapore.

Notary Public

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Notarial Fees

Singapore Notary Public fees are statutory prescribed, and where services are not prescribed by law, Notary Public can charge reasonable fees.

Notarial Certificate

$75 each

SAL Apostille

$80 + GST payable to SAL


$40 first person

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Notary Process FAQ

Notary Procedures FAQs

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For straightforward matter, it takes about 30 mins. You may leave the documents in our office and collect at a later time or next working day. But wef 1 Oct 2019, all Notarial Certificates need to be authenticated by Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) through their e-Register portal, and you will need to obtain SAL Authentication Certificate at SAL office. Alternatively, you can request us to obtain the SAL Cert subject to our service fee.

Yes, you do. Each Notarial Certificate cost $75.

Each notarised document requires one Notarial Certificate. However, for certified true copies of documents, SAL permits Notary to bundle them in one Notarial Certificate, if desired.

Wef 1 Oct 2019, Singapore Academy of Law’s (SAL) authentication is mandatory for every Notarial Certificate, which cost $85.60 each. The Notary Public will collect this fee upfront and pay to SAL.

Generally, you should bring ACRA Business Profile search (done within 1 month), Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA) / Constitution, Directors’ Resolutions, Letter of Authority, NRIC / ID / Passport of the Person signing.

Notarial Certificates and SAL Authentication Certificates may be forged or fake, and there are instances of such criminal activities. With effect from 1 Oct 2019, SAL has improved its authentication service by requiring all Notarial Certificates to be authenticated by SAL through its portal at Your foreign recipient can then authenticate the notarisation through this portal.

We offer free and paid legal document automation service. If you require a SD format, you may use our SD Document Auto-generation Service. It’s currently free.

You just have to state your declarations (facts), and submit to receive SD sample via email, and then edit accordingly.

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) will directly legalise documents issued by the Singapore Government (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.). For Singapore Government’s computer-generated documents, MFA will authenticate after they have been certified by the issuing department. However, for MFA’s legalised documents to be used outside Singapore, please verify if MFA’s legalised document is sufficient for your purpose, or the process has to go through a Singapore Notary Public and/or Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

Quick Notary FAQ

Some helpful FAQs

Based on our experience, below are some of the common mistakes:

  • pre-signing the document
  • name stated in the document differs from the ID document (NRIC or Passport) produced in Notary’s office
  • failure to bring original ID for verification at Notary’s office
  • form not duly completed
  • document (eg. Power of Attorney) has blank spaces in between paragraphs

Please note that if there are mistakes in the documents produced for notarisation, our Notary will reject the services, or require rectification. This will incur additional costs and cause delay.

Except for items not specified in the Notaries Public Rules, the Notarial fees are prescribed by law and fixed. Notaries Public are not permitted to give discounts on prescribed Notarial fees.

A Notarial Certificate is a certificate issued by a Notary Public for performing a notarial act (or notarisation), such as certifying due execution of document in the Notary’s presence or verifying some fact or thing done in his presence (certify true copy of an original document).

This is prepared by the Notary Public and the formats of such certificate vary from Notary to Notary, and time and effort is expended by the Notary and his staff in the preparation of the Notarial Certificate and binding the notarised document to the Certificate. It is not uncommon for Foreign Agency to supply a prescribed specimen content of a Notary Certificate. The current prescribed fixed fee of a Notarial Certificate in Singapore is S$75.

With effect from 15 February 2017 (this date included), a Notarial Certificate is required for any notarial act (by law).

With effect from 1 October 2019, Notarial Certificates are generated through SAL’s portal at, and has to be authenticated by SAL ($85.60 payable to SAL). You will need to collect SAL Authentication Certificate at SAL Counter at Aldephi after you have done the notarisation at the Notary Public office.

Singapore Academy of Law provides authentication services for the signatures of Notaries Public appointed in Singapore by virtue of Section 8(1) of the Notaries Public Rules.

With effect from 1 Oct 2019, this is mandatory. The cost payable to SAL is $85.60 (inclusive of GST), which will be collected by the Notary Public in advance as payment is made through SAL Portal at

Please bring along original documents to be certified true, as well as clear photocopies of those documents.

Where a document is to be executed by a Company under its Common Seal, the relevant Company Resolution authorising the usage of the Common Seal, a copy of the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association certified as a true copy by any Director or its Company Secretary and current Business Profile from ACRA.

Apostille is certificate which verifies and confirms the seal and signature of person who authenticated the document. Not all countries can issue Apostille, but only the countries who had signed ‘Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents’.

As Singapore is not a party to the Convention, Singapore Notary Public cannot issue Apostille.

An alternative to Apostille is the Singapore Notary Public will issue a Notarial Certificate, usually to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law, and then further legalised by the releavant foreign Embassy in Singapore. Sometimes, there is a requiement to be legalised by the Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) prior to the legalisation in the Embassy. You are advised to check with the Foreign Agency requesting for the legalised documents as to their requirements.

SAL’s portal is at


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