Certified true copy of Document by Notary Public with Official Stamp (with or without Seal)  is the most common Notarial Service. Documents to be certified includes Passport, Educational Certificates, Identity Cards, Passport, Bank Statement, Utilities Bills (eg. Singtel).

Certified True Copy (without Seal) is the more common of the 2 services (without Seal or with Seal). However, please check with the Foreign Agency requesting the document if in doubt.

Certified True Copy (with Seal) is similar to the service of the Certified True Copy (without Seal), but is less common. If in doubt as to which of the 2 services (without Seal or with Seal) you require, you may wish to select the one “Without Seal”.

The Notary Public’s Official Stamp is a ink stamp issued by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), and will be used for all services.

Typical Documents

  1. Passport
  2. NRIC or Identity Card
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Educational Certificate
  5. Bank Statement
  6. Utilities Bills
  7. Letters from Employer

What to Bring

  1. original document and copy of that document
  2. your ID (NRIC or Passport)
  3. cash for payment


Prior to our certification, we may require you to sign our declaration form declaring the authenticity of the document(s) produced for cerification.

Disclaimer Stamp

For certain certification, such as educational certificates, letters, and bank statements, the cerificate is based on visual inspection of the original document produced and reported to us as genuine and original, and we will stamp our usual “Disclaimer” on the document.

The “Disclaimer” stamp will, amongst others, state that our Notary Public is unable endorse or verify as to the truth, accuracy, legality or otherwise in respect of the contents of the document or the purposes for which it is used, and person relying should verify the authenticity with the issuing authority/entity.

Our Notary Public reserves his right not to perform any notarial service and is not obliged to give any reason.


You should make your own photocopies from the original documents and bring the originals and the copies to our office for certification. If you require us to make copies, we will charge according to the Law Society Recomended rates.

Online Verification

We require you to produce the original document for certification. On a case to case basis, we may be requested to verify copies of original digital documents from a website, such as a bank website, then additoinal verification charges will be incurred depending on the number of documents.

At all times, we reserve the right not to certify any document if the original is not produced, or for any reason our Notary Public deems fit. If our Notary do certify, then we will add the words “Verified Online” or other texts at our discretion, and may require a screenshot of that webpage to be forwarded to us. 

Please specify the Number of Documents that you require us to verify online.

For online verification, your own mobile device or labtop with internet logged into the relevant webpage is required.


CautionInformation provided in this page are strictly for general reference only, and may not be applicable to your matter, and are subject to errors and inaccuracies.