If you wish to use our Singapore Notarial services by our Singapore Notary Public, please schedule an appointment by Calling Us @ +65 6338 1810 (for same or next day appointment, subject to avaibility of our Notary) or through eAppointment or SG Lawyers App > Appoinment or Email Us at online@singaporenotarypublic.com/divorce.

We have disabled our Singapore Notary Public Online Form for your ease of use of our Notary Public services. Now, there is no need to submit any document to us prior to your attendance at our Singapore Office. If you still wish to do so, please email to us at online@singaporenotarypublic.com/divorce or use our Upload feature in our SG Lawyers App.

Prior to your scheduling and attendance at our office, please check out our estimated rates, procedures and documentation required at Singapore Notary Fee Calculator.

Before Scheduling Appointment

  1. Identify the type of Notary Service you require – refer to Singapore Notary Fee Calculator
  2. enquire carefully from the Agency, Company, Entity or State that require the document to be notarised (notarized) as to their exact requirements. There are no set rules governing the requirements of different countries where the documents are to be used

Making an Appointment

When you have identified the Notarial Service that you require and have taken note of the Notarial Rates, make an appointment through one of the methods above.

Attendance at Loh Eben Ong’s Singapore Office

For your convenience, download our SG Lawyers App and use the Find Us feature to locate our office. Requirements of the common services are re-stated in other sections of this category. Please review the typical Singapore Notary Public Service at Singapore Notary Fee Calculator.


CautionInformation provided in this page are strictly for general reference only, and may not be applicable to your matter, and are subject to errors and inaccuracies.